Our Story

“We’ve been dreaming of this wine bar for almost as long as we’ve been together.”

We’re entrepreneurs at heart, though we’ve spent most of our working life in a corporate setting. Through all of our travels, we’ve always dreamt of going out on our own and starting our own wine bar. We’ve definitely done the research! There’s not a city nor country we’ve traveled to that we haven’t tried at least a glass— or, in some cases, a bottle—of wine. We’ve made notes. We’ve made lists. We’ve created the “do’s” and “don’ts.” Last Fall, we even went so far as to label one of our favorite bottles of wine—a Papillon from Orin Swift—our “wine bar opening night celebration wine.” At that point, we decided to document the dream, fully expecting it wouldn’t be realized until after retirement.

Jump to March of 2020. After some big life-changing events, we decided it was now or never. We could keep talking about it, enjoying all of our “research,” and hoping the day would eventually come when we could open the bar, or we could take a leap of faith. We decided to jump… and Alzavino was born.

The Vision

For us, this dream has always been about more than just drinking a glass of wine. Have you ever been out somewhere, or traveled to somewhere new, and drank a glass of wine that was amazing? If you were to order and drink that same glass of wine somewhere else it just wouldn’t taste the same. Enjoying a glass of wine is about much more than just the taste. It’s the sights, sounds, smells—the entire experience—that plays into that single glass of wine. It’s hospitality, service, and trust in the hosts.

“Enjoying a glass of wine is about much more than just the taste.”

Our vision for Alzavino is for this to be that immersive experience. A cozy home away from home. Warm and inviting. We want to create something special for both the “newbies” and the nearly Somm level. Never tried wine? We’ll have sixteen different wines ready for you to discover your preference. Already know what you like? We’ll have something that caters to your tastes as well.

No matter who you are, we hope that this is the place where the ambiance, the experience, the hospitality, and that single glass of wine will be the perfect combination that results in “amazing.”

The Pairing

Ken and Danielle Harmon are the faces behind Alzavino. With a passion for community, friendships and wine, we cannot wait to open the doors and welcome everyone to their new home away from home.

From Here

We’re thrilled to be a part of the Delano District neighborhood, a place already filled with amazing businesses and abuzz with activity. Not least of all now with the newly-built baseball stadium, hotel, apartment complex, and more on the way. It’s definitely the place to be!